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How to spend an entire day at the Kansas City Zoo (On a College Student Budget)

White sand beaches… warm days and crazy nights…that is how most people spend their Spring Break. For Sam and I however, Spring Break means working as many hours as possible, so when we do get our Spring Break, it is only about a day long, and we need it to be cheap. That glorious day is called Zoo Day. Welcome to finding out how two 21-year-old girls are able to spend their only day off  (and less than $50) at a place made for children under the age of 10. Welcome to  Kansas City Zoo Day 2K17.

Being poor college students can take a toll on things you can and can not do. If you can afford the $14.50 entrance ticket ($7.00 if you live in surrounding counties, Jackson and Clay, with proof of residency according to their website) then you can afford to go to the zoo. The rides all cost under $6, and if you have 7 minutes and $3, I would reccomend taking the sky tram across Africa.

One of the ways to save money at the Zoo is to bring your own lunch in. The KC Zoo allows atendees to bring in food and drink, as well as small coolers. Just remember to leave the glass bottles and alcholic drinks at home. Although most the money from restraunts and gift shops goes to helping with conservation, at the end of the day, the cost adds up.

The Zoo is set up to spend money. With the gift shop located next to the entrance and exit, it is the first and last thing you see. Another warning to all parents: If you plan on going inside the guest center, you will be immediatly met with overpriced toys and food, so stay clear, or walk a little further and go inside closer to the entrance of the zoo.

The KC Zoo can be cheap, and great way to spend your day. Just remember your walking shoes and a cooler for lunch, and you can have a great day.

Thanks for reading.


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