Adding Kindness to a Bitter World

Today, as I was walking through the parking lot up to my dorm room, my cat slipped out of his harness and jogged away from me. While this happened, the bag of groceries I was carrying slipped out of my arm and somehow ripped, thankfully nothing spilled. Once I grabbed my cat and threw my ripped bag of groceries into the bag of clean laundry I could make it into my dorm building.

“Do you need help? Miss, do you need help?” A woman in front of me grabbed the door and the woman behind me smiled and asked again. I reassured her that I was just fine, and she helped distract my cat as I put him back in his harness. She talked to me as I gathered my things and before she left, she asked one more time of I needed any help. I wish I knew that ladies name, because that little ray of kindness made the walk up two flights of stairs with a screaming cat a little more bearable.

After hearing that story, I want to talk about how a little bit of kindness can change the view of another person’s day. Every day I try to help someone else, or bestow a little positivity in their life. Any small gesture can help another person. If you see someone wearing a cute outfit you like in passing, compliment them. You don’t know if they have been self-conscious about wearing it in public. Ask someone if they need help if they look like they are struggling. Hold a door open for someone. Be kind.

One more thing before I sign off, put yourself in others shoes. I work in customer service, and I spend most of my time listening to people yell at me for something I cannot change. I don’t get mad at them, for all I know they could have had a day like mine, and just have been in a bad mood. Be a good person, stay positive.


Thanks for reading.


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