Moving to A Small Town

People tell me that I grew up in a small town, but I never believed it. To be fair if you make a left on Shawnee Mission Parkway from our main street, you head downtown to Kansas City, and if you go right you get open fields. We are on the edge of Kansas City, Kansas, and there is always plenty to do. I grew up going ice skating at The Crown Center Ice Rink, and walking around the Plaza for fun. My hometown, Mission, Kansas, may have only had a population of 9,565 and was only 3-square miles, but it always seemed big.

When I moved to Warrensburg this past year, I was ready for new adventures and seeing what cool thing this farm town had to offer.The one big thing I didn’t expect though, was that you had to look in the oddest places to find it. For example,  the biggest shopping center in the Warrensburg area is the Walmart Supercenter, and yet for some reason, I can spend hours in there looking around at things I don’t possibly need.

It surprised me to find out that Warrensburg is four times bigger than my hometown, and yet I still find myself looking around wondering what to do. Living in a farm town is new to me, so I always finding myself comparing it to my hometown. Mission was sandwiched between two large towns on either side, so there was always something to do.  Now I live between fields of corn and wheat, and I spend most of my time on a computer.

With updates, I hope I am able to prove myself wrong and see what amazing things I can find.

Thank you for reading.