The big mistake I made while moving to college

My dorm room is empty. Well, mostly anyway. I am in the process of packing up all my belongings and deciding what is going to my apartment and what is going home. This is where I thought it would be easy. I brought it down to college, so why can I not bring it back home? I just have to say it: Too much stuff.

I am an over-packer. I have been this way on every rode trip, vacation, or sleepover ten minutes away. When I packed for college I assumed I would get better and be able to only pack the necessities. Boy was I wrong.

As I pack up all the stuff that has been brought into my room, I keep asking myself why I needed it, and if I had ever used it? Why did I need every pair of cute shoes I could find, or why did I need to bring back the giant bear my boyfriend gave to me on Valentines Day?

The answer is: you don’t need any of that stuff. For some reason I thought I would get up at 8 a.m. every day to do my hair and makeup and look cute. Fun fact: I think the most effort I have put into a class that I am not presenting in is washing my hair.

Final Thought: Think about who you are, and really pack for that person. Also, the semester ends soon, and this is my last mandatory blog post. Fear not! I will still write a post once a month, making sure to update you all on Frank and the workings of my beyond stressed out mind.

Thank you.


Taking Care of Yourself

I am going to be honest, this week I have being drawing a blank on what to write about. With three more weeks left of school, one of which is finals, my creativity is slowly diminishing.  As most of you know, the last few weeks of school are caffeine induced late night sessions of primarily crying into your computer and wondering how bad it would truly be to drop out. I already focused on drowning in college a few months back, so today, I think we should focus on something other than stress and the eternal pit of doom to come (a.k.a: finals week).  Let’s talk about stress relievers.

Take care yourself.

You probably thought that this was gonna be a list, but no. The most important thing to do when you are stressed or overwhelmed is to take care of yourself. Don’t end up crying to yourself at 3 a.m. Get the sleep you need. Space out your homework so that you are able to have a 10 minute break here or there. Make sure to eat food, and talk to your friends. Stay hydrated, because if you don’t you will just feel more miserable.

Taking care of yourself is key to handling stress. With finals and school coming to an end soon, remember these two things: focus of your work and focus on yourself. You may be tempted to start thinking about summer vacation, but remember that grades matter too.

On a more positive note, thank you to my followers for reading and staying with me this year.

Living with an Emotional Support Cat

Franklin Roosevelt Fluffybutt. He is a Turkish Angora, and I talk about him way too much. Frank is my Emotional Support Animal at the University of Central Missouri,  and I love him dearly. However, I do get some odd questions from people who don’t understand why I have him. In this weeks blog entry, I am telling you about my story with my Emotional Support Animal.

Editors Note: An Emotional Support Cat is completely different from an officially trained service animal, such as a guide dog or a seizure detection animal. Each case varies person to person and this is just my story. To find out more about specially trained animals, please visit

The idea of getting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) sound odd to some people, but studies that just living with an animal can lower high blood pressure, stress, and loneliness. As a college student, sometimes I get all three at once. I found out about the option a week into the new school year thanks to another student who was showing off her ESA kitten, Orion, to our hall. After finding out that I needed to get a note from my doctor, I rushed over and explained my situation. This was the first time she had heard of an ESA in dorm rooms for college students, and she absolutely loved the idea. After turning in all the correct paperwork, I was ready to find a kitten.

When I was going about this process, a lot of people asked me if the school gave me a cat for a year then I gave it back. The answer is no! Frank is not rented out to me. I adopted him from my hometown No-Kill Shelter, and I pay for all of his bills. When I graduate, he will graduate too and come with me.

When I walked into the kitten room at the shelter, I was immediately in heaven. There were kittens everywhere! I had some crawling up my pant leg, some hiding from me, and some just sleeping. I sat down on the floor and saw this cutie in a corner.

Frank baby

Suddenly this cutie slowly came over to me and fell asleep in my lap. It was like fate. From that moment on “Cal” was known as “Franklin Roosevelt Fluffybutt”. At four-months-old he towered over all the other kittens and the room, but I loved his clumsy self from the moment I met him.

Living with a crazy, growing kitten in a small dorm room can be difficult, but I am able to make the best out of it. Every weekend I drive the hour home with Frank safely screaming in his carrier so that I can work, and then on Monday, I drive the hour back in the same situation. When the weather is nice, I put on his harness and we go for walks outside of campus.

Living with Frank has really relieved my stress when it comes to school. He can always tell when I am stressed out or just having a breakdown. Having him has made me a more calm, and relaxed person.

If you have the choice to get an ESA, I would highly recommend it.

Thanks for reading.

picture by the boyfriend

How to spend an entire day at the Kansas City Zoo (On a College Student Budget)

White sand beaches… warm days and crazy nights…that is how most people spend their Spring Break. For Sam and I however, Spring Break means working as many hours as possible, so when we do get our Spring Break, it is only about a day long, and we need it to be cheap. That glorious day is called Zoo Day. Welcome to finding out how two 21-year-old girls are able to spend their only day off  (and less than $50) at a place made for children under the age of 10. Welcome to  Kansas City Zoo Day 2K17.

Being poor college students can take a toll on things you can and can not do. If you can afford the $14.50 entrance ticket ($7.00 if you live in surrounding counties, Jackson and Clay, with proof of residency according to their website) then you can afford to go to the zoo. The rides all cost under $6, and if you have 7 minutes and $3, I would reccomend taking the sky tram across Africa.

One of the ways to save money at the Zoo is to bring your own lunch in. The KC Zoo allows atendees to bring in food and drink, as well as small coolers. Just remember to leave the glass bottles and alcholic drinks at home. Although most the money from restraunts and gift shops goes to helping with conservation, at the end of the day, the cost adds up.

The Zoo is set up to spend money. With the gift shop located next to the entrance and exit, it is the first and last thing you see. Another warning to all parents: If you plan on going inside the guest center, you will be immediatly met with overpriced toys and food, so stay clear, or walk a little further and go inside closer to the entrance of the zoo.

The KC Zoo can be cheap, and great way to spend your day. Just remember your walking shoes and a cooler for lunch, and you can have a great day.

Thanks for reading.

Five tips for cleaning up social media

Social media is a great place to express yourself and show the world who you really are. This is great for friends and family who live in different areas, but not so great when you are trying to find a good job. To help this process go by quicker, I have given you five tips for cleaning up social media.

1. Take down any embarrassing photos.

As much as your friends love that embarrassing picture of you at Spencer’s holding, well, anything from Spencer’s, a hiring committee does not. Making sure that your photo’s are clean and appropriate to really show how amazing you are.

2. “Clean up any text posts. 

This goes along with number one. Make sure that you have no inappropriate language on any text posts, just keep it clean people.

3. Think before posting. 

Only post pictures and text that you would say to your boss. Sorry friends, but unless your boss is extremely casual,  I don’t think that posting something like the picture down below would be smart.









4. Use the the “Friends Only” Setting of Facebook to your advantage.

Do you have pictures on Facebook that you don’t want to take down? Thats okay, Facebook has two ways to fix this:
A.  Have you already posted the picture? If you have, go ahead and click that little world next to the time the picture was posted and click the Friends option.  This means that only friends will be able to see what you post, and not your future employers.

How to public

B. Are you about to post? All you have to do is click on the little bar that says “Friends” and you are ready to post. Again, only your friends will be able to see this and it will not appear on your timeline for people who are not your friends.

How to public numbah 2

5. Look at your profile as a stranger. 

This is a tip for Facebook again. As a final resort to making sure your posts are appropriate, take look at your profile as a stranger. If you go to the upper right corner of your cover photo, there is are three faint dots next to “View Activity Log”. Click on those dots and you are able to view your profile as a complete stranger.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 1.08.37 PM

Thanks for reading.

Adding Kindness to a Bitter World

Today, as I was walking through the parking lot up to my dorm room, my cat slipped out of his harness and jogged away from me. While this happened, the bag of groceries I was carrying slipped out of my arm and somehow ripped, thankfully nothing spilled. Once I grabbed my cat and threw my ripped bag of groceries into the bag of clean laundry I could make it into my dorm building.

“Do you need help? Miss, do you need help?” A woman in front of me grabbed the door and the woman behind me smiled and asked again. I reassured her that I was just fine, and she helped distract my cat as I put him back in his harness. She talked to me as I gathered my things and before she left, she asked one more time of I needed any help. I wish I knew that ladies name, because that little ray of kindness made the walk up two flights of stairs with a screaming cat a little more bearable.

After hearing that story, I want to talk about how a little bit of kindness can change the view of another person’s day. Every day I try to help someone else, or bestow a little positivity in their life. Any small gesture can help another person. If you see someone wearing a cute outfit you like in passing, compliment them. You don’t know if they have been self-conscious about wearing it in public. Ask someone if they need help if they look like they are struggling. Hold a door open for someone. Be kind.

One more thing before I sign off, put yourself in others shoes. I work in customer service, and I spend most of my time listening to people yell at me for something I cannot change. I don’t get mad at them, for all I know they could have had a day like mine, and just have been in a bad mood. Be a good person, stay positive.


Thanks for reading.

Three Tips to Save You From Drowning in College.

“I feel like I am drowning.” I said, texting my boyfriend, “And I am struggling to stay above water.” This past semester, more than ever, the weight of college really hit me. With only four semesters left, I started to fall under the choppy water of homework assignments, tests, and projects all at once. Now I know I am preaching to the choir when I talk about this, but I thought I could share three of my most helpful ways to stay above water in college.

Use Your Planner

Most of my freshman and sophomore year of college I relied on my memory to keep me on task. Do not do this! Trust me, you can have the best memory, and still be able to forget to do one homework assignment. There are some great planner apps out there that are free and easy to use. If you are like me though, you might enjoy just having a hands-on book to write your things to do in. It doesn’t need to be pretty (trust me, mine is a mess of highlighted things and torn pages) it just should work for you. Every college bookstore sells their best version of a planner for under $10.

Talk to Your Teachers

You have probably heard this a lot, but your professors are there to help you. It might not seem like it at the beginning of the semester, (“Read the syllabus!”) but if you are truly having problems on an assignment, schedule a time to talk to them during their office hours, that is what they are here for.

Take Time for Yourself

Now, I don’t see this a lot when talking about tips for college students, but it is one of my favorite. Sometimes when doing homework, you just hit a block where you can’t move on any further. Trust me, this happens to everyone. Try and take a 15- 20 minute break. Eat a snack, or watch an episode of your favorite series. I don’t recommend Netflix however, because I once spent an entire night just re-watching episodes of “The Office.” Trust me, Netflix is like the devil when it comes to studying, stay away.

I really hope that these tips were able to help you if you feel like you are drowning. Leave a comment down below about one of your favorite study tips. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Planner Apps: For IOs

For Android





Moving to A Small Town

People tell me that I grew up in a small town, but I never believed it. To be fair if you make a left on Shawnee Mission Parkway from our main street, you head downtown to Kansas City, and if you go right you get open fields. We are on the edge of Kansas City, Kansas, and there is always plenty to do. I grew up going ice skating at The Crown Center Ice Rink, and walking around the Plaza for fun. My hometown, Mission, Kansas, may have only had a population of 9,565 and was only 3-square miles, but it always seemed big.

When I moved to Warrensburg this past year, I was ready for new adventures and seeing what cool thing this farm town had to offer.The one big thing I didn’t expect though, was that you had to look in the oddest places to find it. For example,  the biggest shopping center in the Warrensburg area is the Walmart Supercenter, and yet for some reason, I can spend hours in there looking around at things I don’t possibly need.

It surprised me to find out that Warrensburg is four times bigger than my hometown, and yet I still find myself looking around wondering what to do. Living in a farm town is new to me, so I always finding myself comparing it to my hometown. Mission was sandwiched between two large towns on either side, so there was always something to do.  Now I live between fields of corn and wheat, and I spend most of my time on a computer.

With updates, I hope I am able to prove myself wrong and see what amazing things I can find.

Thank you for reading.